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Hellobox 6 World Cup 2022 Edition is coming soon. Football style UI, with Wi-Fi dongle in package.


Hellobox Model Number: Hellobox 6
FTA (Free to Air): Yes
Type: Digital
High Definition: Yes
Product name: Hellobox 6 TV RECEIVER
Tuner: DVB-S/S2/S2X
Video formats: support MultiStream, T2MI
Network Sharing: USB Wi-Fi (extral)
Support1: Online software upgrade
LAN: Ethernet
PVR: USB Support PVR Ready
Keyword: Receiver Satellite Receiver

Digital Key words: TV Signal Booster Satellite Receiver

Hot selling Point:

1. H.265 HEVC 1080P Full HD

2. Support MultiStream, T2MI 2. PwrVu and BISS fully auto roll

3. Online software upgrade

4. Support WiFi MT7601&5370, 3G/4G dongle

5. Support CAMS

6. Support free IP TV

7. SCAM+ 2 Year

8. Compatible firmware with V5 Plus

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